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A procedural staircase Blueprint which lets you create detailed, highly customisable linear staircases in seconds out of instanced meshes, which is less annoying than pretty much any other way of making staircases. A huge time saver for any game with stairs in it. 

  • Create a staircase of the perfect dimensions, number of steps, and step dimensions for any space in seconds 
  • Comes with several basic stair meshes to get started with
  • Use your own meshes or the included ones
  • Specify any number of meshes to be selected at random per step to keep staircases from looking repetitive 
  • Optionally tile many step meshes horizontally across wide staircases rather than stretching any meshes 
  • Optionally builds walls underneath your staircases out of tiling block and wedge meshes to an adjustable level of tessellation (see video) 
  • Highly legible, commented Blueprint graphs which are easy to learn from and modify.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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ImpromptuStairsItch.7z 84 MB

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