Oculus Rift+Touch and non-VR support

This update adds Oculus Rift + Touch support (previously it only worked right on Vive) and the non-VR mouse-and-keyboard mode (also probably works with a 360 controller). 

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Hi there. I just bought this from Steam. Where is the best place for some tech support? I'm having trouble opening the UE4 project version.



Here's fine. What seems to be the problem?

Hi there, I purchased this cool demo. It's very cool that you can modify vector fields in run-time. What is turfFGA plugin? Is it for sale too?

Hey there,

The TurfFGA plugin is a Blueprint library that contains functions to write .fga files among other things. It's included in the project files.

Thanks for the info. I did notice there is a binary plugin. Is the source of the plugin available for sale too? Will I be able to use this plugin to modify vector field dynamically in run-time? thx!!

Sorry, I missed this again! 

The binary plugin is part of the vector painter; it's what lets you modify FGAs ingame. The source is included!