Oculus Rift+Touch and non-VR support

This update adds Oculus Rift + Touch support (previously it only worked right on Vive) and the non-VR mouse-and-keyboard mode (also probably works with a 360 controller). 

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Hi there, I purchased this cool demo. It's very cool that you can modify vector fields in run-time. What is turfFGA plugin? Is it for sale too?

Hey there,

The TurfFGA plugin is a Blueprint library that contains functions to write .fga files among other things. It's included in the project files.

Thanks for the info. I did notice there is a binary plugin. Is the source of the plugin available for sale too? Will I be able to use this plugin to modify vector field dynamically in run-time? thx!!

Sorry, I missed this again! 

The binary plugin is part of the vector painter; it's what lets you modify FGAs ingame. The source is included!